February 01, 2012
February 2012 Bible Discovery Lessons
February 2012 Bible Discovery Lessons
  • Level 1: 4-6yrs
  • Level 2: 7-8yrs
  • Level 3: 9-11yrs
  • Level 4: 12-14yrs
  • Level 5: 15yrs-Adult
Please note that these are guidelines only, and are flexible according to each child’s abilities.

    Thank you for great effort to give birth “Bible Discovery” through internet.

    It will be used for spreading the word of God to people who speak Englsih as a second language .

    Thank you for providing these FREE bible lessons for me and my brothers, sisters and friends. They have been so helpful for our walks with Jesus. 🙂 Keep it going!

    we are thankull to your magazine in the monthly reading to our churches and family. is agoodtopic to our churches members and our youths.pastor charles is our teacher that progromme.and miss maquelet awour .we aew happy every months. we are praying to meet with your teamin our team to no you and your team members that is our prayer reuest to you and your office members.we ave more magazine but they we can post themis hard becouse of money we dont have that is abig problem to our teachers.if we get the way to get some thing to post our magazene canbe came well to you or your office.we are praying to our teachers to salary becous is aclass masterof that lession to us.is working with his money all the month in every years. is haerd to that work. this time we are 456 members with new members both youth and adult or church members. thank pastorcharles juma


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