What’s New
PSSM Bible Discovery Trust is now known as PSSM Connecting. For 70 plus years PSSM has been successfully connecting young people throughout NZ, and some from overseas, to the Word of God. As a result of PSSM’s work, students and their families have connected to the Bible, into community with other Christians, and ultimately to God through Jesus Christ His Son. Creating this connection is what PSSM is all about.

The Current Situation

The world is changing, and a new day needs a new way. Kids and Teens today are more connected, more online, and face a wider array of choices and options than any other generation. This results in a different way of thinking and learning compared to other generations. PSSM recognises this change, and has developed a new plan to connect this generation to the Word of God.

The New Strategy

To effectively connect with today’s kids and teens, pssm is creating an online world called 2ndcity – a place where kids and teens can go, explore, and ultimately learn more about God’s story. The key feature in this world is an online immersive gaming experience. So what is the game? 2ndcity will be an online game that will involve participants in not only discovering the story of the Bible and the stories that make up this grand narrative, but also the God who is relentlessly pursing the redemption of his people. Through their participation in the game, gamers will discover the true story of God’s world and his participation in what has happened, what is happening and what is yet to be revealed. 2ndcity is a metaphor for the coming kingdom of God that we gain a glimpse of in the life of Jesus ( …Thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven… ), seen evident in the work of the church in the continued power of The Spirit since pentecost, through to the 21st century. As participants immerse themselves in the game/stories of God interacting with humanity as revealed in the stories of the Bible it is our prayer that they will come to be agents of change for God’s kingdom in their world as they develop understandings about faith, hope and love as revealed in Jesus. Our research of biblical games on line reveal that there is nothing of any quality that would attract a gamer, and nothing that interacts with the bible text in any kind of way that would attract gamers to play, (christian or non christian). Over time, there will be many ways to interact and access the 2ndcity world, but importantly, all of them will direct kids and teens to indwell God’s story in a way that is natural to the ‘digital generation’. Eventually this will include a smartphone application, a library of online lessons. Working in tandem with these will be follow-up and leadership teaching resources to help churches and organisations keep connecting with their youth.

From an Idea to Reality

pssm still stands firm on its commitment and vision to “communicate biblical truth and wisdom to young people.” Our vision is unchanged. However, pssm recognises the fact that things need to be done differently. We believe the strategy outlined above will be highly effective in (once again) connecting young people to the Word of God.

Follow PSSM’s Progress

If you would like to keep track of our progress, please visit and vote if you like our new look and direction! You can also find us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter or our 2ndcity blog.

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