Bible Discovery Lessons
We have 5 levels of Bible Discovery lessons:
  • Level 1  >>  4-6 years*
  • Level 2  >>  7-8 years
  • Level 3  >>  9-11 years
  • Level 4  >>  12-14 years (and senior level for ESOL)
  • Level 5  >>  15-Adult
*Level 1 is designed for young children aged 4-6 and is largely colouring and simple texts. It is envisaged that parents, or possibly elder siblings would be required to assist younger ones with the reading component of each lesson. These levels are not arbitrary and we are more than happy to adjust levels until an appropriate one is found. If you would like to receive these lessons in the post each month, please click the “Enrol” button to the right and enter your details. Or else, you can try out these lessons first, by downloading and printing one of the samples below, and then completing and posting it back to us with your name, age, and address details. Enjoy!

Sample Lessons

Below are some full PDF sample lessons you can download (0.5-1MB). To view PDF files you need to check that you have the FREE Adobe Reader software installed on your computer. To download and install Adobe Reader, please visit and follow their installation instuctions.

Page Examples

If you would prefer to view a single page example, click the thumbnails below for larger view, and then press “Esc” to return:
    Level 1 - Page SampleLevel 2 - Page SampleLevel 3 - Page SampleLevel 4 - Page SampleLevel 5 - Page Sample

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