About Bible Discovery
For 80 years, pssm has been providing Bible Discovery lessons to the young people of Aotearoa and also to mission stations overseas. These lessons are now available here online. Download the latest lesson that is appropriate for your (or your child’s) age.

Level 1 (Ages 4-6)

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Level 2 (Ages 7-8)

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Level 3 (Ages 9-11)

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Level 4 (Ages 12-14)

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Level 5 (Ages 15+)

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The “Postal Sunday School Movement of NZ” was started in 1938 to connect young people in remote areas of NZ to GOD through studying HIS WORD – THE BIBLE. This was enabled by means of FREE Bible lessons sent by post.
Over time PSSM has achieved this and has also successfully connected those in many of NZ’s major towns and cities, and some from overseas, to the Word of God. As a result of PSSM’s work, young people and their families all over NZ and the world have connected to the Bible, into community with other Christians, and ultimately to God through His Son Jesus Christ!
There are 5 levels of FREE Bible Discovery lessons to cater for all ages from 5 years to adulthood! It just shows you how exciting studying God’s Word with PSSM Bible Discovery can be! Have a look at the samples on our Lessons Page to see what they are like! Of course, there is the DISCOVERY magazine back catalogue too. It is a 16-page FULL-COLOUR magazine full of real cool stuff – and its FREE ! Check out the Discovery Magazine page to see descriptions and pictures of each issue, and download full PDF versions of the mags. Don’t forget to check out The Aetherlight, pssm’s exciting new project.

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