December 07, 2010
Perseverance – November 2010
Perseverance – Issue 4 Volume 73 November 2010 : In order to succeed, you must keep trying over and over, no matter how many times you fail. That’s what perseverance means. Do you really want to be a good athlete? Then you must keep training and persevere even whe it is difficult. Do you want to be good at maths? Then you must keep practising maths even whe you feel like you have had enough. Persevere in love – that’s great! For this edition of our Discovery magazine, click the following link: Discovery – November 2010

    though in life we are fraught with lots of challenges, yet we rely solely on the unending love of God to scale through those challenges of life. whatever we encounter we must know that it has been predestined by God though we are not rulling out the forces of darkness but one thing is certain, oue God is greater than what we can think or imagine. dearest still trust Him, for “behind every frowning providence God hides His smiling face” cheers


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